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Cindy Wagner



Cindy Wagner’s childhood was unique and influenced the direction of her career as an artist. Her father owned both a filming studio and a set production company. This gave her the opportunity to meet and learn from some of the most creative artists in New York. Artists as varied as Mark Chagall, Spike Lee and Jim Henson were at the studio at one time or another. Wagner’s affection for painting began at fourteen when she worked alongside her father, building and painting sets. He was an inventive artist, and her first teacher and mentor. Wagner is a member and past Chairman of The Connecticut Society of Portrait Artists. Other affiliations include The Westport Arts Center and The Portrait Society of America. Her work has been displayed at The Connecticut Pastel Society’s National Exhibition, City Wide Open Studios in New Haven, Faces of Winter at the Bendheim Gallery in Greenwich, Lyme Art Association, Silvermine Gallery, Westport Downtown Merchants Arts Show, Ross Gallery, University of Connecticut Art Gallery, Lockwood Mathews Mansion Museum and Stepping Stones Museum for Children.


Artist Statement

My goal is truthful, interesting interpretations of our world. Color and design are the most distinct elements of my paintings. I am currently experimenting with very large abstract paintings. The paintings are often inspired by abstract designs found in realistic settings. My paintings always have an emotional component. The subjects that move me tend to be close to home and heart. Many of my landscape painting are based on locations in Weston and Westport. Still life paintings have treasured items or symbolic meanings. Most recently and probably as a result of related events in my person life, I have been fascinated with the theme of motherhood, children and capturing the bond between mother and child.  Being a mother of three has had a profound effect on my outlook, priorities and happiness. If art mimics life then absolute joy should be evident in my painting.



Lee Walther



Lee Walther is a multi-media artist, conceptual artist, and designer. She has exhibited in both juried and invitational shows with the Ridgefield Guild of Artists, The Carriage Barn Art Center of New Canaan, The Westport Arts Center, City Lights Gallery (Bridgeport), Bruce S Kershner Gallery (Fairfield), the Stamford Arts Association, the Nonmouth Museum in New Jersey, and more. She was also named Bridgeport's Artist of the Month.


Artist Statement

With a keen eye for design and a love for art, Lee Walther considers herself a “Dadaist”.  For Lee, who has always been in the creative field relating to the arts, fashion and design, everything is and can be art.  Inspiration is drawn from nature, found objects and from her personal collection and images that can only be seen through Lee’s special lens and imagination where new concepts and ideas are created in different mediums. A visionary/creative who easily sees the multi-dimensional potential for all kinds of objects and combinations, Lee creates original pieces of functional art.

The Mixed Media Collage Mirrors can be used as a jewelry display or for hanging keys and often incorporate removable jewelry which are part of the composition. “My intention is to offer the opportunity to co-create with me by adding their personal touch to my work.  This invitation is clearly evident with my table ‘sculptures’ which features a removable plexi-glass boxed assemblage in the center of the 20”x20” table which can be replaced with a see-through lidded box to be used in a variety of ways.... floating candles, memorabilia, miniature gardens, sea glass, etc., and becomes an interactive, functional work of art”



Ginny Waters



Born in San Juan, Puerto Rico, and perapatetic ever since.  Long residence in Japan, where I studied tea ceremony, calligraphy, and sumie.  Undergraduate degree in Asian Studies (Connecticut College), M.S. in Linguistics (Georgetown) and Ph.D. in Japanese language and literature (Cornell); taught at various institutions until I ditched academia for the far more rewarding and immersive art of ceramics.  I currently live in Greenwich and work out of my home studio.  website:  


Artist Statement

Someone once described my work as the light side of the dark side, which pretty much sums it up:  skulls, spiderwebs, beasties, lanterns, and teeth, particularly of the pre-orthodontic variety.  I try to balance my pieces on the knife-edge between goofy and sinister; endearing and menacing; cuddly and creepy.   There's nothing political about it - just a keen awareness that death is a part of life.  Not all my stuff is morbid:  I uploaded the baby dish set to demonstratethat I can be conventional - even kitschy - as well.


Karen Weissman



Initially a ceramic artist and silver gelatin darkroom photographer, I have explored many other art forms, including watercolor, oil, pastel, charcoal, photo transfer and mixed media. Subject matter includes landscape, portrait, and still life. Each technique provides both pleasures and challenges; my pieces reflect my aesthetic response to the world around me as well as to my inner world.

Cynthia Whalen



Cynthia Whalen has exhibited solo shows in galleries such as Meli Meli (Greenwhich, CT), Greenwich Women's Exchange, Farrow & Ball, and others. Her group exhibition record spans from shows at the Pequot Library (Southport, CT) to the Rowayton Art Center (Rowayton, CT), to Avenue Gallery (Norwalk, CT), and more. Whalen recieved First Prize in both 2012 and 2014 for mixed media / prints at the Darien Art Center (Darien, CT). Her work is featured in numerous collections across the country and several galleries in Fairfield County, CT: Heather Gaudio (New Canaan), ArtPlace Gallery (Fairfield), Westport Arts Center Collective (Westport).


Artist Statement

I don't think of 'art' as being separate from myself - it is and always has been a part of who I am.  I've been thinking about, looking at, making, collecting and  discussing art for as long as I can remember.

I have kept my art mostly to myself and only in the last few years have I come out of the studio and stopped making art purely for family and friends.  

My current medium is printmaking... It enables me to create a unique translucency and quality of light very different from that of painting.  Printmaking is direct, it’s very freeing to work so directly… there is an immediacy and spontaneity that I like.  I am never quite sure what the result will be, the element of surprise. I may then draw, paint or sew into a final print. I use oil based inks, Akua inks and am exploring all kinds of plates and printing methods.

Most recently I have been exploring and altering digital prints - drawing & sewing into them...

Atmospheric change, the angle of light... a word that might change everything in a moment.  Connection and mark making... this is what I try to capture in my work.  


Joan Wheeler



About: My art was shaped by my childhood experience of rural life in Pennsylvania. My favorite place to read and dream was on the limestone outcroppings of my great-aunt's beautiful home and farmland. I found peace and strength in solitude, reading and observing the land and creatures around me. In the turbulence of my childhood, this was the one place where I found solace. The work I have created and exhibited in multiple galleries and museums reflects and comments on the state of our natural world and its reflection in my psyche.

I have been represented by Monique Knowlton Gallery in Soho, featured on the cover of Gallery Guide, listed in Art in America’s guide to contemporary artists, and exhibited in other NY galleries including Exit Art, First Run Gallery, Broadway Windows, the Works on Paper Show at the Armory, and the Outsider Art Show in Soho.  My work has been featured in solo or group shows in the following museums:  New Britain Museum of American Art, Stamford Museum and Nature Center, Discovery Museum, Aldrich Museum of Contemporary Art, Mattatuck Museum, the Barnum Museum, and Shore Institute for Contemporary Arts.

Artist Statement

In my art I explore the relationship of man to the natural world.  I reference my longing to merge with the natural world and my belief that our experience with flora and fauna was once far more instinctual and comprehensive.  In addition, I express my concern about man’s destruction of the natural world, hybridization of species and the disappearance of natural habitats.  
Artist Statement: In my art I explore the relationship of man to the natural world.  I reference my longing to merge with the natural world and my belief that our experience with flora and fauna was once far more instinctual and comprehensive.  In addition, I express my concern about man’s destruction of the natural world, hybridization of species and the disappearance of natural habitats. 


Elizabeth White



Elizabeth White studied art and communications at College of Marin (CA) and continued the study of drawing and painting at Art Students League and JoAnne Day Studio. She has worked as a decorative painter, a volunteer in educational and environmental activities, and as a board member for regional environmental and art groups. White established Bob Becker Marketing and Communications with her husband, Bob Becker, and continues the collaboration at their studios in Bethel, Connecticut.


Artist Statement

Connection to the natural world and desire for harmony with my surroundings has been a motivating force in my artistic practice. My work ranges from the ephemeral to the concrete using natural and found objects, cement, and sometimes video. Themes often reflect environmental or social concerns. Website:

Jennifer Williams



Jennifer Williams is a contemporary oil painter  who runs a movement therapy practice in Westport Connecticut.  Her paintings are alive with color and light, and expertly capture the essence of free, uninhibited growth and movement as found in nature. Williams has a BA in Business and has studied Fine Arts at Parsons School of Design in New York and at Rowayton Arts Center and Silvermine School of Art in Connecticut. Her award-winning work is exhibited and collected in The United States, Europe, Australia and the Caribbean.  Her paintings are currently on exhibit  in Paris, New York,  Connecticut and on long term exhibit at the Memorial Sloan Kettering Hospital, New York. 


Artist Statement

I love to paint nature’s rhythms, patterns and revelations and find strong connections between ecosystems and the body systems.  Working on a metal substrate gives me the opportunity to express strong gestural line, adding and subtracting shapes and patterns  with translucent oil colors  to create luminous, organic compositions. I deliberately leave areas of the metal exposed to express a sense of mystery, joy and light.


Tammy Winser



Delight is her medium.  Through photography, painting, collage, and assemblage, Tammy Winser creates thought provoking imagery.  She started in fashion (Parsons grad, print designer for Marc Jacobs), was a kid photographer, and has since created public artworks in USA, Berlin, and Australia. She currently works on private commissions and exhibits in local galleries. WAC shows include “Toy Stories”, “Solos 2013”, “Home Sweet Home”, “Illusion” and various pop ups.  She is one of the founders of the Westport Artists Collective.


Artist Statement

Thought, uncertainty, delight.  If you look at my work, and find yourself questioning it, then I have succeeded. If it made you smile, even better.

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