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Renee Santhouse



Renée A. Santhouse received a B.A. in English and Theater from the University of Connecticut, Storrs, and an M.A. in Fine Art Printmaking with an emphasis on Stone Lithography from California State University, Long Beach. Her Master’s Thesis compared the aesthetic qualities of stone and offset lithography, and explored the presentation of an edition of prints as a single piece of art. After formal graduation, she studied at Dieu Donne and the Center for Book Arts, in New York City and the Creative Arts Workshop, in Connecticut. Her instructors have included: Robert Blackburn, Charles Boer, Karla Streng, Richard Swift, Gene Sturman, Kumi Korf, Heidi Kyle, and Jim Van Eimeren.

Upon graduation, Santhouse worked as a printmaking and film instructor and then moved into advertising, print and website management, as art director and subsequently publications manager for a number of international corporations, in New York City and Connecticut. She founded and operated a marketing and advertising firm with national and international clientele while on a 3-year sojourn in Texas.

A practicing artist, Renée A. Santhouse has had numerous solo and group exhibitions of her artwork, specializing in plein air painting, printing and book arts, often combining digital media with more traditional techniques. She was one of the featured artists in the 4th Annual Connecticut Printmakers Invitational, at the Hygienic Galleries, New London, Connecticut, in 2015, and is the Curator and Communications Manager of an art collection in New Haven, Connecticut.

Renée is a member of the Ridgefield Guild of Artists, the Westport Arts Center and the Cultural Alliance of Fairfield County. She lives with her husband and dog in a home and studio in Wilton, Connecticut. Her 6-member band, Zu Zazz, plays an eclectic mix of hot string jazz and American roots music at area venues.


Artist Statement

My artwork explores the abstraction and celebration of geological formations and events in time, based on history and on-site exploration. I strive to present a concentrated and dynamic view of a landscape that has the potential to excite. I often use the artistic processes of monotype and monoprint, free form techniques that requires quick execution, to emphasize atmosphere and color. These original prints are created using multiple plates and glazing, with water-based Akua inks, often in combination with original digital archival prints.


Dolores R. Santoliquido



During the past thirty-nine years Dolores R. Santoliquido has made her career as an illustrator, a fine artist and a studio art educator. Since 1990, Dolores returned to painting the subject matter she has the greatest passion for, as well as, a career primarily based in fine art. She is inspired by the beauty of our natural world and has focused her work on that subject matter which includes but is not limited to, flora, fauna and landscapes.  Born and raised in Westchester County, Ms. Santoliquido currently resides in Brookfield, CT. 


Artist Statement

My life as an artist has been more like the path of a river than the path of a road. That river has ebbed and flowed, at times taking turns putting me into directions that I did not plan or choose, but I traveled them none the less. Each turn of the river has necessitated re-evaluation and reinvention. These things, re-evaluation and reinvention energize and reinvigorate my drawings, paintings, and sculptures. I believe reinvention is a constant in every artist’s life. Without recreating one’s self as an artist one’s work becomes stagnant and stale.


Gay Schempp



I have been creating art, teaching and exhibiting nationally for over fifty years.  My career began as a clay artist, producing functional and sculptural stoneware from my Norwalk studio.  I created and led art tours to Japan, Greece and Italy for thirteen years.  I taught art at New Canaan High School, winning national and state awards. Upon retiring from public school teaching, I moved to the Northwest corner of CT and established my studio at Whiting Mills.  I am presently painting, teaching private classes and offering workshops in encaustic techniques.  I exhibit nationally and work in a wide variety of media..


Artist Statement

I am exploring the theme of Crows in this recent series of Encaustic paintings. Observing the intelligence and quirky gestures of these birds led me to capture their personalities in paint. In this work I am incorporating my love for drawing, painting, and composing visual stories. The encaustic wax medium allows me to work in layers, trapping fragments of color, memory and message in time.  Working with the molten wax on birch panels is engaging a mix of alchemy and jazz.  Colors are worked like chords until the metamorphosis of substance and meaning cools to a finished statement.


Mark J. Schiff




Artist Statement

I love painting with watercolor and acrylic.  Many say water media is a difficult medium to use because of the spontaneous effects when the paint bleeds and spreads across the surface.  I feel that this is the beauty of the medium and the mystery.  It reminds me of the unpredictability of life.


My fascination with watercolor began while I was riding my bicycle on a Backroads Cycling Tour in the wine country of Calistoga, California.  The guides suggested a stop at a local artist’s studio.  The artist, Barbara Nechis, invited us inside.  I watched her paint with one large wash of watercolor.  After this, I was hooked.  When I returned home, I enrolled in a local high school continuing education course in watercolor.  Since then I have studied with Phyllis Rutigliano of New Jersey, Barbara Nechis and Skip Lawrence .  At the Westport Arts Festival in 2011 I was awarded Best in Category for watercolors. I am an associate sustaining member of the American Watercolor Society


I usually work on several paintings at the same time.  They may be of different subject matter, but they have similar colors and intensities.  I let my emotions spill out on the paper, canvas, or wood.  I usually paint in my studio, but on nice days I often paint outdoors.  The outside environment feels carefree and drives me to experiment, splashing paint across the paper or canvas—as well as the grass.


I am fascinated with individuals in the arts who transition from their usual persona  into a totally different, new, creative role.  I have transition some of my painting to acrylic and oils. My interest in yoga, meditation, and music serve to intensify and magnify my skills and channel them in new, unexpected directions.  They help to bring out the artist within.   As an artist I channel my passion for the mystery and unpredictability of life into painting that people respond to and enjoy.


Ellen Schiffman



Ellen Schiffman, a professional artist for close to 30 years, has exhibited her work in shows, galleries, publications and museums nationwide.  Although fiber art materials and techniques are often at the core of her work, she considers herself a multimedia artist. While traditional art materials such as paint, ink and clay frequently appear in her art, she also turns to unexpected, commonplace materials such as Q tips, items from nature, hardware, ace bandages and more in her creations. Her work reflects a fascination with texture, pattern, color and sculptural forms. Moments of vulnerability and transition, the majesty of nature, and the beauty of imperfection, all interest her.  While the work frequently embodies fragility, it also speaks of the possibility of change, growth, hope and resilience.


Artist Statement

I do not pre plan any of my work. I just start creating, following my instincts as the piece evolves. Although there is balance in my work there is no symmetry. My greatest delight comes from the serendipity involved in the creation of each piece. As artist, I offer direction to the material, but respect the ways the material and process conspire to manifest in their own unique way – much in the way nature does. A hole, a ridge, a swerving line suggest themselves where none was planned and this spontaneity adds interest and depth to the work, just as it does to life. I love to be surprised as a work takes shape. For me the work becomes a metaphor for the unexpected occurrences in life, and both the challenges we face and the growth we experience from embracing that which life brings.


Karen Schlansky


Karen Schlansky holds an undergraduate degree from Skidmore College. She has a Fine Arts Appraisal Certificate from NYU and has attended numerous workshops at the Art Students League, 92Y and masterclasses with many renowned artists. For the past 15 years Schlansky's paintings have been included in numerous juried shows in Fairfield, Stamford, Greenwich and the Affordable Art Fair in NYC. Her Asian art background and business experience gave her the patience and courage to create her own mark.


The majority of Schlansky's work is energetic. Her approach is intuitive mark making; balancing structure and freedom simultaneously. She doesn't like fussy, but is aware of the interpretation she is seeking. Ms. Schlansky experiments with various techniquesand prefers not to be limited to one style. However, she realizes her feelings appear in marks no matter the genre. After years of classical painting, abstraction is her preference. Flowing forms, line and color allows her the freedom to explore. Schlansky currently lives and paints in her Norwalk and NYC studios.


Norm Siegel


A graduate of the Cooper Union in the days when abstract expressionism was pushed hard, I felt like the left-handed boy being forced to write right-handed. Though my photorealistic and figurative style was tolerated at Cooper I was not a happy camper, so naturally I went over to the dark side: advertising. After a stint in the army I worked as an art director in various “MadMen” agencies. I was fortunate to graduate to the more creative shops working on many high visibility accounts, receiving national and international awards along the way.

In 1989, tired of the political intrigues of agencies, I had the good fortune of partnering up with Steve Lance. We went into business together on a handshake. This union lasts today though I have threatened his life on more than one occasion.

Among our successes are the launch and promotion of the Discovery Channel, its programming, its many channels and  enterprises such as the Global Education Fund and Young Scientists Challenge.

Among our failures…ask me about my $2,000,000 baseball cap.


Artist Statement

While advertising, graphic design and marketing remain my “day job”, I paint when not art directing. Satisfying not only my need to paint in the trompe l’oeil style but to satisfy the kid in me that loves all things having to do with aviation.

My interest in aviation has led me to join the American Society of Aviation Artists and the Air Force Art Program.  Both have given me the opportunity to not only have my work exhibited in the many aviation museums throughout the country but to be part of the their permanent collections as well, including the Pentagon. The Air Force Art Program has also put me in the seats of many of our latest, hottest  and historic aircraft.  I am pleased to say I haven’t thrown up yet.

Presently I am exploring interactive 3-D anaglyph painting. You need 3-D glasses to see them.


Marlene Siff


Graduate of The High School of Music and Art where I was an Art Honors student and Hunter College where I was a Fine Arts Major. At Hunter College I was elected to Kappa Pi, the international Art Honor Society. Since 2014 I have been juried into 47 Art Exhibitions throughout the United States and won 16 prizes. I am currently working on a new body of work related to music. My work and résumé can be viewed on my website      

Artist Statement

My paintings, works on paper, and sculpture depict imagery of personal, spiritual and psychological issues and events. They are expressed through geometric shapes, color, light, space, texture, edges and movement, each interplaying with one another engaging the viewer to participate.  


Lisa Silberman



Lisa holds a BFA degree from the School of Visual Arts in Manhattan where she studied art and photography with Alice Beck-Odette, Stephen Frailey and Sid Kaplan.


Artist Statement

There’s a moment when you see the light swim and finally settle, a look in a child’s face, a gesture that can’t be duplicated, a reflection in the water. That’s the moment when you take the picture. You see things out of the corner of your eye. The more you dance around and make adjustments the greater the chance of missing it. And if you miss it or you hesitate, you will always long for it and you will not be able to able to get it back. It’s gone for good.


Deb Smith


I grew up in New Canaan, Ct and earned a BA from Conn. College with a fine art major and art history minor.  After an early career in Graphic Design and Advertising in NYC, and pursuing a window display business in Ct, I settled into  fine art and street photography. For the last 12 years I’ve been working primarily in porcelain.  My award winning work has been exhibited widely, sold in retail stores and gallery gift shops and are in many private collections. I am very active in the local art community as well as a proud Silvermine Guild exhibiting artist.  I reside in Westport, Ct.

I am fascinated with the relationships of light and mood, repetition and rhythm and abstract form and emotion.  Social and emotional interaction is especially interesting to me. Currently my work is evolving into large scale, conceptual, multi-sensory installations involving porcelain forms and sound.

My newest piece is a large-scale installation directly inspired by the Covid pandemic and the unnatural concept of “Social Distancing.”  It is a commentary on community and explores our innate need for human touch and connection. It will be a multi-sensory experience involving many unglazed porcelain objects, sound and other materials that have yet to be determined.

Deb Smith
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