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Louise Cadoux

Artist Bio

My work is the result of processing current events, fiction and poetry. Seen through a filter of magical realism and myth, I try to make sense of, and sometimes have a good laugh at what I experience, whether it’s music, politics, environmental threats, science,  technology, or religion.


Starting out as a painter, I now mostly make 3 dimensional work in wire, wood, concrete, and clay. My “Wall Hangings” are the product of all disciplines I have been involved with; drawing, sculpture, and pattern making (as a textile designer).  An additional intentional element is the shadows formed by the layering of the work.



Lynn Carlson


I enjoy making art that is a bit quirky in theme or materials.
Some of my work is realistic & some abstract.
Animals & nature are often the subjects of & inspiration for my art.
I work in many different mediums----painting, photography, mixed media & clay
I sometimes like transforming my artwork from one medium into another and,
in so doing, make it more accessible and often radically different in a visual sense.
My two Pining Heart works below are an example of this.
More images of my work can be seen on my instagram account @lynncarlsonarts


Linn Cassetta


Linn is a graduate of Rhode Island School of Design and was the first American to receive an MA  from the Royal College of Art in London. She is a design professional with a background in apparel and footwear design, manufacturing and marketing. Factory experience includes Japan, China, Turkey and Italy. After designing shoes for Andrew Geller in Italy and developing Calvin Klein’s first shoe collection, she had her own apparel label and eventually became Design Director of an international private label division of C. Itoh.  She lived in London, Paris and New York  before settling in Westport.  During many of her three + decades here she focused her efforts on fine decorative painting and trompe l’oeil.  Her work was included in Martha Stewart’s ‘New Old House’.  She designed several restaurant and  home interiors, created earthenware collections for Deruta of Italy and restored a c1900 French villa, all of which have appeared in publications.

Artist Statement

She is immersed primarily in a deep exploration of EGGS which she regards as The Most Perfect Thing. This object has captured her imagination since early childhood. The symbolism of the EGG is staggering. It represents the mystery of life  in one exquisite and simple package.  It bestows peace upon the beholder.  It is inherently both strong and fragile.  The occasional bird and or feather float into this multi disciplinary study of hers which includes painting (oil) and encaustic collagraph. She is in the business of making things beautiful and making beautiful things.


Eric Chiang



Eric grew up in Taiwan.  He studied classical music composition and visual art in his youth, aspired to become an artist.  However, he did not get to become one until 32 years later. In 2007, he quit his job as a senior technology manager from Wall Street after his 50th birthday so he could create art full time to fulfill his childhood dream of creating artwork that touch people’s heart. Ever since, his artwork have been exhibited in National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts in Taiwan, Queens Museum in New York, Westport Arts Center (Group Shows and SOLOs show), Flushing Town Hall Gallery in New York, Beechwood Arts, and many other venues and communities in Connecticut and New York. 

In addition to his creating arts that express his empathy of panhuman loneliness, desperation, love, connections, and hope, he is very active in organizations that enhance the connections among individual artists and between artists and communities.


Artist Statement

My mission is: Create artwork that (1) explore the meaning and significance of our existence and (2) express my profound empathy of panhuman desperation, love, connections, and hope.

On whatever theme I choose to explore, I look to create a body of work that exposes multiple perspectives of that theme using the approaches most suitable.  This could mean anything in the spectrum – be it photorealism, abstract (expressionism), minimalism, etc. To me, the styles serve to achieve the theme I want to convey.

When I was a teenager, every time I felt desperate or depressed, I turned to Beethoven’s music for encouragement and inspiration.  “Had Beethoven not published his music, which witnessed his suffering, struggle, and determination to thrive, this little boy (me) who lives 200 years later and 10,000 miles away would not have gotten encouraged and inspired to live on and thrive.  And now I want to do the same using my art!”  Thus, creating artworks that resonate with people for their desperation, love, inspiration, and hope has been the goal of my life as an artist.

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