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  The Westport Artists Collective is proud to announce that it has been chosen
  to receive funding from the Drew Friedman Community Arts Center, Inc. In
  addition to being a property owner, developer, visionary, teacher, and lover of
  the arts in Westport, until his death on February 27, 2016, Drew owned
  several iconic restaurants in the area including Onion Alley, Cobbs Mill Inn,
  and the Stonehenge Inn. Drew’s first wife Bobbie was an
accomplished artist

who died in 2011, furthering Drew’s commitment to supporting the arts in the town that supported Bobbie. As administered by Drew’s business partner, Nick Visconti, the foundation will also give out scholarship to students with financial need, and will support art programs that are run by a few local non-profits every year, including WAC.
Thanks Drew!
Click here to learn more about art scholarships or to contact the DFCAC.

About The Artists Collective of Westport

The Artists Collective of Westport is a group of creative individuals who have joined forces to discuss, create, and develop dynamic experiences for the Fairfield County community. The collective is open to all active artists in pursuit of expanding their careers and in developing a strong, diverse arts community. The Collective will bring together various creative practices in unique monthly forums hosted by the Westport Country Playhouse, in order to stage and present future events, Pop-Up exhibitions, and stimulating experiences that are open to the public.

About The Founding Members

In 2014, Westport Arts Center Artistic Director, Helen Klisser During (center), created what was then known as the Westport Artists Collective, with 5 founding members, left to right: local artists Nina Bentley, Tammy Winser, Jahmane West, Duvian Montoya
and Miggs Burroughs. Together, they developed the Collective to provide a place for artists to come together and create their own community.

If you are here to pay your dues, click "Pay Dues" in menu.
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Membership Benefits

As a Artists Collective of Westport member, you will have exclusive access to participate in friendly, open art discussions and critiques and be eligible for members only Pop-Up shows in the barn at the Westport Country Playhouse, as well as other offsite opportunities.

With some exceptions, the meetings will be held on the last Wednesday of every month. Pop-Ups will take place in the barn at the Westport Country Playhouse, 3 to 4 times a year, including a small works show, open to all members to exhibit work a square foot or smaller in dimension.

15 artists will be chosen for each Pop-Up by the artists exhibited in the previous Pop Up, with an informal jurying by the founding members. Each show will also feature 2 local student artists, high school or college age, selected by a founding member. Each artist will be provided with approximately 10' of wall space with museum style hanging.  

Delivery takes place on Mondays with installation on Tuesday and opening reception of Pop-Up exhibitions on Wednesday evenings from 6 to 8pm. Artists' talks usually take place on Saturday afternoon from 2 to 4pm. Any work not sold will be taken down by the artists after the exhibition closes at 4pm Saturday. 


Membership Expectations

Artists will meet on the last Wednesday of every month in the barn at the Westport Country Playhouse for open discussions and critiques that push creative endeavors. Members are expected to attend at least 6 of our 12 monthly meetings, and to make themselves available to help with our various projects or activities during the year.

Artists Collective of Westport Membership Requirements

  • Collective members must pay an annual membership fee of $50 to the Collective. Click "Pay Dues" in menu above.

  • Fees will be required when needed. (ex. hanging, entry, event fees, etc.)

  • Each Pop-Up exhibition will exhibit a selection of artists chosen by the previously exhibited artists, with an informal jurying process by the founding members.

  • Participating Artists can only exhibit once within a one-year cycle.

  • Artists will be assigned exhibiting space and may install their own work, or leave it to our team of experienced installers.

  • Participating Artists should be present and proactive in the development and marketing of their Pop-Up Exhibition.

  • Artist will be required to de-install and remove their work from the exhibiting space on the agreed upon date. The Westport Country Playhouse will not be responsible for theft or damage or for work left beyond the exhibit time-frame

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