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Ruth Kalla Ungerer

Artist Statement
My passion is to transform observations of people and places into works that elevate nuances discovered and perceived.  I delight in incorporating drawn and found images with print, painting and drawing into personal statements on our culture, the good and the bad. My printmaking draws upon centuries-old printmaking techniques as I push the envelope to create contemporary images, mostly focused on the human form.  I employ a range of traditional and contemporary printmaking techniques, including lithography, engraving, drypoint, etching, using a variety of resists (including egg whites and Sharpies), aquatint, sugarlift, spitbite and others. The deft pressure of the press and distinctive qualities of papers used add to the diversity of line and texture achieved. The results often are playful and provocative, resonating with or surprising the observer.


Ruth Kalla Ungerer resumed her artistic career 11 years ago, after serving for 30+ years as a senior development officer in New York. She earned her BFA at Drew University in Madison, NJ USA. Ungerer recently completed her second residency with Mr. Zhang Dongmin in his Zhuo Yi Studio in Song Village outside of Beijing, China. The village is home to 13,000 artists and individuals working in related fields.

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