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Kevin Dailey



Kevin Dailey has been involved with photography since childhood. His main interest was nature and marine photography. Recognition of his work took a major leap when he was commissioned to photograph, and produce, the "Newsday Yachting Series", a giant screen, multi-media presentation, for the Long Island newspaper, Newsday. Since then, he has had the opportunity to photograph yacht races all around the world in locations such as Italy, Germany, England, and France. Many of his images have been published or presented in his multi-media presentations that have been given to groups of over 400 people.

Starting in 2007, he explored a new direction, which transforms his photographic images into captivating abstract art. These vibrant works are in many private collections and he is often commissioned to create individual works. He has shown in galleries and art shows in Greenwich, Stamford, New Canaan, Wilton, Rowayton, and Nantucket. 

Currently producing works in Giclee paper and canvas prints, and large-scale prints on aluminum using the Dye Sublimation process. Daily is also currently represented by Harbor Gallery in Rowayton, CT. 


Artist Statement

I have always been interested in visuals and I love to invent things or to tinker.  I enjoy life mostly through what I see and if possible, I like to share this experience.   I found that photography, and my computer-generated art, allows me to best share what I see.

Everywhere I look, patterns and colors start my creative thought process in motion.  The natural simplicity and complexities inspire me to capture these and incorporate them into my artwork.  With the aid of a digital camera, a computer and a mouse, I evolve what I start with into something totally new.

I find that when I get the final piece just to where I like it, I love to just look and dive into it mentally.  They make me wonder what it would be like to be “inside” the work of art, and what might be around the corner?  I hope the works inspire others to do the same.  If everyone has a different impression, that means I have succeeded! Click here to visit my website:



Leonor Dao



Leonor is an artist based in Westport, CT. Born in Venezuela, she studied art from the age of four. She studied at the Univerdidad Andrés Bello in Caracas, where she was awarded a Bachelor’s Degree in Literature and Art. She taught art and Art History  in Elementary and Middle Schools for four years. She  came to New York in 1996 to study Fine Arts.  She obtained  a  Degree in Fine Arts at Parson’s School of Design and  a BFA in Animation from the School of Visual Arts, where  she won the contest for the design of the Animation Dreams Exhibition, a yearly event held in SVA to showcase student work. During this time,  she did an Internship at MTV Animation Studios. She has worked in illustration both for children’s books and other publications. Dao also has taught art theory and art history in the elementary and middle school levels in Venezuela.


Artist Statement

My work is the product of both imagination and observation. I take from the world around me, but my interior landscape always come across in my work, always in a quest to understand myself and the things and events that surround me.



Randi Davis



Randi Jane Davis has been painting for as long as she can remember.  Throughout various professional endeavors, her commitment to painting has remained a constant.  For years Davis pursued a career in engineering, which allowed her to hone her skills that have served her well as an artist; scrupulous problem-solving abilities and keen awareness of patterns and spatial relationships.

As a painter, Davis examines objects and their surroundings, transferring her impressions to the canvas in fluid, gestural strokes.  Her paintings have been described as beautifully serene and tranquil.   Woven into each scene is a luminescence created by balancing light, color and shadow.


Artist Statement

Currently, Randi, is exploring the chaos of things.  Leaning on her training as an engineer and mathematician, she analyzes the pattern and natural rhythms that exists in the universe.



Elizabeth DeVoll


I have been drawing since I was old enough to hold a pencil and was fortunate enough to have parents and teachers who encouraged my creativity. I was a shy kid, and my art was a way to express myself and make me known as the go-to illustrator. I studied at the Washington University School of Fine Arts in St. Louis, where I spread my wings creatively in printmaking and design. With portfolio in hand, I got an exciting first job on Madison Avenue as an art director at BBDO. I worked on major accounts, like Pepsi and GE, and became a creative director for other agencies over the years. After moving to Westport to raise my two children, I began to freelance illustrate and teach. I especially enjoyed working with the disabled and challenged, who were unabashed in their love of creating art together. I’ve taught all over Fairfield County in many venues. In 2010, I became the Creative and Education Director at the Westport Historical Society. I created and ran many new programs for children, which combined my passion for art with Westport’s creative local history. I am currently pursuing a full-time art career and am an avid collectibles and antiques collector.


Artist Statement

In a disposable age, I reconfigure, repurpose, and compose well-worn and often utilitarian relics. With unknown yet imagined histories, these artifacts become pieces of nostalgic and puzzle-like compositions. My assemblages give form to commonplace. Objects with individual characters are taken out of their expected contexts and grouped together  in a restricted space to become something else, often revealing a new world made from familiar objects seen in an unfamiliar way. By transforming sentimental and damaged artifacts into a tactile, nostalgic, and interactive experience, my work invites the viewer to look at them in a new way that frequently evokes the experience of remembering.


Charles Douthat



A graduate of Stanford University and University of California, I paint in acrylics, usually on canvas but sometimes on recycled surfaces.  Self-taught, I work within the traditions of abstract expressionism and lyrical abstraction.   I'm also an award-winning poet.


Artist Statement

Though abstract, my paintings are intensely, mysteriously autobiographical.   They usually start out as a mood.   And they end when strong enough to stand on their own and affect other people.


Laure Dunne


Artist's Statement
My artistic objective is to photograph details and landscapes to create images that are more than the predictable “pretty picture.” With a background in design, I focus on exquisite graphic forms in nature or on mundane man-made objects that are of visual interest and influence the choices I make behind the camera. It is my goal to use my talent as a photographer to capture and print each photo with an artistic result that prompts a viewer to have an interest in why a particular scene or detail was important to me.

Laure Dunne has had a passion for fine art, design and photography throughout her career and received a BFA at Indiana University/Bloomington in the areas of design and photography. She honed her photographic capabilities at NYU and at the International Center of Photography in New York City. After decades behind the camera, she is an accomplished photographer working predominantly in black & white images. Her photos consistently reflect a mood, an emotion or an individualistic point of view. While traveling, attending events or identifying a specific photo opportunity, she recognizes details and evocative images that reveal visual information in a thought-provoking way.

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