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Maj Kalfus


Maj Kalfus was born in Brooklyn, New York. Her paintings and drawings are influenced by an extensive career in the fashion industry. After attending the High School of Art and Design and the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City, as well as classes at the School of Visual Arts, her career, which began in the field of fashion illustration, evolved into fashion merchandising, marketing and design. Re-entering the world of fine art, she joined the Studio Arts Program at SUNY Empire State College to finish her art degree. In Columbia County, NY, where Maj and husband Lonny lived for 17 years after leaving NYC, she took advantage of the natural landscape and gardens creating interpretations of flowers, vegetables and rural vistas in a variety of mediums and began teaching art at the community colleges and local art schools. in 2020 Maj moved to Weston CT. She teaches art in Westport and Weston as well as the Silvermine arts center. She is a member of the Artist Collective of Westport.

Statement of Work:

My work is diverse in subject matter, technique and materials. I am often drawn to a subject; explore it for some time and then move on. My materials include oils, acrylics, pastels, collage, graphite, ink,digital art and anything else I can experiment with.

For inquiries regarding art purchases please contact: Maj Kalfus,


Lonny Kalfus


As one of the leading photographers for corporate America for 30 years Lonny's diverse global experience and unique graphic expression add a compelling quality to his work. Lonny Kalfus has lived and worked in and around NYC all his life, His modern images capture the city's grandeur, as well as an endless supply of urban peculiarities and details from around the globe. His recent fine art work includes the rural landscape his 15 year residence in Columbia County. NY as well as his travels. Furthering his unique approach to visual forms, Lonny enjoys an opportunity to revisit his images and creates photo collages and new ways to reimagine his subjects. He credits his wife, Maj, an artist and graduate of FIT for exposing him to the world of art and points to photographer Bill Brandt, of Britain and Lazlo Moholy-Nage, Hungarian and others as being early influences.
Lonny's work has been featured in solo and group shows throughout Columbia county, Hudson, NY, the Berkshires, NYC and Boston as well as private collections including Dana Farber Hospital in Boston, Stride Capital in NYC and numerous sites worldwide. He was represented for many years by Getty Images worldwide. In 2021 Lonny and Maj moved to Weston to be nearer to their children and grandchildren.


As a photographer, my passions are photo collage, portraits and urban landscapes. My influences are varied and often reflect my travels as well as early Soviet era graphics and collages.

Lonny Kalfus

Karen Kalkstein



Karen is a multi-media artist and photographer. She often combines printmaking, collage and  photographic techniques.She has studied art since early childhood when she took classes from Alexander Calder’s sister, Peggy Calder Hayes. She graduated, an art major, from Scripps College, and earned a MA in art education at NYU. Karen has taught elementary and high school art and private classes for children and adults. For twenty years she had a custom tile business designing, hand making, and hand-glazing ceramic tiles for clients across the country. She has shown her work on the east and west coasts and is in numerous collections including the Johnson & Johnson Corporate Collection in New Jersey.  She lives and works in Stamford, CT and spends parts of each year in Vermont. 

Statement of Work:


Nature and the flow of life permeate my work. My subject matter and materials are found in the natural world - the human figure, the woods, the weather. Materials often include hand-made papers and even birch bark. A recurring theme for many years has been the aging process, particularly  of women. Wrinkles become line drawings. Skin takes on new textures and colors. Gesture changes. I print wrinkled, lined figures on natural Japanese papers that resemble old skin. Sometimes these figures float in the air as paper sculptures.

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Judith Katz

my aim in my work is to capture an instant and hold it forever.
I try to do this in my gouache and ink paintings with the spontaneity of water.
I like the way clay can do this also;
I like the rhythms of my finger marks , the contrast of splashed glazes on unglazed porcelain.



Carmela Kaufman


Artist Statement

I find inspiration among the people, places, and ordinary activities that I  encounter on any given day. I am particularly interested in exploring and capturing the way natural light bathes my subjects via it's lines of shadows. 

My objective is to capture the beauty or emotions that have been evoked in capture a snapshot in time. I like to paint intuitively, choosing what "feels right" despite  established rules or structure. I often revel, after the fact, in the glorious accidents that can occur.

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Susanne Andover Keany


Keany is a painter and a sculptor. A graduate of Barnard College and the School of Visual Arts at Purchase. she was given a grant to participate in the Studio Semester Program in NYC and later studied with Robert Reed at Yale.  She is a member of Art/Place Gallery and the Westport Artists Collective.  She has exhibited widely in Connecticut, Florida and New York.  She moved to Connecticut about sixteen years ago, where she found herself living in the midst of towering beautiful old trees that changed the direction of her work.  Still drawn to realism, she turned from the water’s edge to landscapes, interested in the patterns and colors that enveloped her.  Now inspired by the American road trip, she tries to convey something of the wonder she feels as she travels over back roads and through small towns.

Artist Statement
Making art is like an odyssey.  It is never a simple journey but one filled with insights and surprises. Painting for me is a visual record of perception and a desire to impart the intensity of seeing to the viewer. In my large oil paintings I explore  scale and color.  My small and intimate sculptures incorporating natural fragments began as a form of play.  It was the act of wrapping them that gave them a spiritual energy.  It is the relationship between the cognitive and the intuitive that interests me.

For additional images:


Karen Kent



Karen Kent was born in Wurzburg, Germany but grew up in Garden City, New York.
She graduated from Lehigh University with a Bachelors of Fine Arts and Architecture. Her drafting skills combined with an original eye for color led to a successful career as an Interior Designer. A member of ASID for twenty seven years, Karen worked with both commercial and residential clients throughout New England. Karen is now devoting most of her time to painting in both pastel and oil. Her love of nature and the outdoors is evident in her work. Her color palette is vibrant and full of life yet her work conveys a feeling of peace and serenity. Karen has studied at Silvermine Arts Center and with Arlene Skutch, Susan Ogilvie, David Dunlop, Dean Fisher, Claudia Mengel, Dimitri Wright, and Leona Frank.


Artist Statement

Owls are a majestic and mysterious bird, rarely seen in the middle of the day. After several magical encounters, Karen was called to start painting these birds. But not in an ordinary way, she aimed to paint them to honor who they are and what they signify. The owl is a symbol of knowledge, strength, and intuition. These special feathered creatures can see beyond illusion and deceit. As each owl is painted, a personality is born. The process is spontaneous and calls for the use of mixed media; the artist feels as though these birds paint themselves. Color is paramount and is dictated by the mood of the owl: playful, smart-ass, powerful, shy, attitude. Oil, acrylic, pastel, ink, fabric, and newsprint can be found in these pieces. The artists is fascinated by their beauty and so the series continues.

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Elisa Keogh



Elisa grew up in the UK and arrived in the United States at 19 to follow her dream of becoming the new, female Darrin Stephens!  After studying graphic design at SVA and Parsons in NYC, Elisa enjoyed a successful career as a commercial artist before her desire to work on something more personally meaningful prompted her to shift her focus to fine art photography.  For almost two decades Elisa exhibited her experimental photographs throughout the United States and abroad, and she has been honored with significant recognition for her work.  And now, while Elisa’s journey as a painter is new, exciting, and full of discovery, she sees it not as a new beginning, but rather an important continuation of everything that has come before.


Although new to painting since 2019, I have had a full and rich creative life as a graphic designer and a fine art photographer.  As with my photographs, many of my paintings have strong graphic elements and reflect personal experiences with people and places, and many are abstracted visual memories from childhood.  I have devoted more time to painting during the pandemic, finding I love the exploration of the new – and the discovery that recurring elements appear in my work without my conscious knowledge. Ah, the excitement of creating!


Niki Ketchman



One-person museum exhibitions include the Katonah Museum, the New Britain Museum of American Art, the DeCordova Museum and Sculpture Park. Group shows at other museums include the Aldrich Museum of Contemporary Art, The Bruce Museum, Grounds for Sculpture and the Neuberger Museum of Art. Niki Ketchman has had four one-person exhibitions and was included in numerous group shows at Kouros Gallery, NYC from 1993 to 2004. The Cortland Jessup Gallery, Provincetown, the Mona Berman Gallery, New Haven and the Gallery New World, Dusseldorf, Germany are among other galleries in which Ketchman has had shows.

Reviews of her work have appeared in The New York Times, Art in America, Sculpture Magazine, The Boston Globe, Art New England, The Hartford Courant, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Arts Magazine and the Journal News. Essays about her work also appear in the Museum catalogs where she has exhibited.

Ketchman's work is in the collections of the New Britain Museum of American Art, Pickar Art Gallery, (Colgate University), Grounds for Sculpture, DeCordova Museum, The National Museum of Women in the Arts, Housatonic Museum of Art, CUNY at Staten Island, Westport School System, Westport Historical Society, several corporate collections and many private collections.

Contact information:, Website:


Artist Statement

I make sculptures, drawings, collages and ink jet prints.  My sculptures are often made by sewing, weaving, braiding, draping and decorating.  The materials I use are steel rods, aluminum wire, stampings  (metal flowers, plants, etc.) and artificial and dried grasses and flowers.  My sculptures are most often interactive if not necessarily functional in a traditional sense.

My most recent series of sculptures and ink jet prints is my Rose Series. The rose has multiple associations and historical references. It is associated with romance, beauty, fragrance, pageantry, formal occasions and even war. The rose is a pervasive image in life, literature, visual art, songs and film. It seems to be a perfect image to use when addressing the passing of life.



Lynne Knobel



Artist Statement

An experienced oil painter, I like the color and structure of still life, and the excitement of painting landscapes plein air. My approach is visceral, emotional and expressive. I also enjoy throwing and decorating pottery and making jewelry out of natural materials.


Lynne Knobel was born in CT,  lived in NY State and Maine, has traveled widely, and recently returned to CT, liking the proximity to NYC and the beach.  An Art major at Skidmore College, she also studied Ceramics with Ray Chen at the U. of So. Maine.  She is primarily an oil painter, liking still life and plein air landscape. She has been in many juried shows in New England and New York.  A  longtime member of the New Haven Paint and Clay Club, she is now a member of the Westport Artists Collective.


Jean Krasno



Jean E. Krasno was born in Evanston, Illinois and graduated from Evanston Township High School during which she also attended classes at the Chicago Art Institute.  She has a BFA from the University of Illinois with a major in painting, where she graduated summa cum laude; an MFA from Stanford University in Art with an emphasis on painting and printmaking; and a PhD in international politics from the City University of New York Graduate Center.  She made the switch into international relations because of her concern over the spread of nuclear weapons and the danger they presented to her own children and people around the world.  Her dissertation is on Brazil’s secret nuclear weapons program that was ended in 1991. She is a full-time, tenured member of the faculty as a Lecturer in the Department of Political Science at the City College of New York (CCNY).  She is also a Lecturer in the Department of Political Science at Columbia University.

Artists Statement

I am a painter, print maker, and sculptor with a large body of work created over many years.  My latest series is a set of collages made of torn, old lithographs combined with oil pastel and pencil based on images of jazz artists and the lyrics of well-known jazz songs.  My sculpture combines bronze images with wood.

Email: jean.krasno@gmail

(cell): 914 879-9576


Lucy Krupenye



Lucy M. Krupenye, an award winning sculptor, creates wall hanging assemblages out of found objects such as stone, wood, metal and bone. Her sculptures, which range in height from less than a foot to over 6 feet and a half feet high, are very organic and Zen in feeling. Although some are whimsical, most frequently Lucy searches for the harmony among the very diverse elements. Her sculptures are often her personal reflections and meditations but they can also represent the physical reflections and counterparts that exist in nature, life and our world.
Lucy is very in tune with nature and preserving the environment and she uses a lot of "recycled" material in her work. What most people consider flotsam, jetsam or garbage, she often considers treasures!

Artist Statement
I look for color, form and texture in a stone and I usually know intuitively if I would want to use it in a sculpture.
I generally leave stones in their natural state. Rather than manipulating them, I try to enhance them with other natural elements that relate such as wood and bones, which are, in themselves, works of art. I also use a great deal of rusted metal because it is an element that truly fascinates me. Although it is not natural or "art" in its original form, metal becomes a work of art when exposed to nature which causes it to rust and change form.
My artwork is something that I see, not from the outside, but from within. It is something that I feel. I rarely draw a piece before I make it. As I work with the elements the piece is just born - in essence, it creates itself. It is, in part, a reflection of my inner being and thus is extremely personal. If one looks closely into my artwork, one might see a part of my soul.


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