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JAHMANE’S career as an artist began in the form of Graffiti, or “STREET ART” and has evolved into a wide spectrum of mediums including works on canvas, photography, fashion design, mural painting, screen printing and graphic design. Through years of formal training and life experience as an “Artist of the People“, JAHMANE has developed a unique style that combines social awareness , spirituality, mythology and abstract language in a way that intrigues all who view his work.

Living through the philosophy that Art is for the people’s eyes and minds, JAHMANE’s work is a reflection of his constant critique of the world around him fused with thought provoking concepts and imagery. His work has been exhibited at Westport Arts Center, The Center for Contemporary Print, Norwalk Art Under the Bridge, Artspace Bridgeport, Cottages and Gardens Magazine, The FC Beat Magazine, Art Basel Miami as well as numerous gallery shows.

As Co-founder and head designer at KULTJAH DEZIGNS, an independent clothing label, JAHMANE and his team of Artists create limited edition garments and accessories that draw from the rich history of African and Asian Textile craftsmanship and the raw energy of Graffiti Culture and rugged lifestyle. What started out as an outlet to introduce artistic ideas and graphic concepts to urban fashion, has grown into a well-respected and sought after brand with international clientele, which can be found in select boutiques and specialty shops throughout the U.S., Japan, Europe and the Caribbean.

Currently, JAHMANE produces his Fine Art and KULTJAH clothing label at his studio in the Firing Circuits Artists Building in Norwalk, CT, and is a teaching artist, curator and active member of several artists’ collectives in the Tri-State area.



Artist Statement

 My collections of art represent the many diverse concepts from which I draw inspiration. Throughout my years as an artist, I have always been fascinated by art's ability to effect the individual viewer and society as a whole. Exploring various styles, mediums and techniques has expanded my visual lexicon and allowed my work to communicate beyond social barriers

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