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Membership applications are now closed until September 1, 2024.

Who can join? Members must be a working artist with a website, live in the Fairfield County, CT area, and agree
to be an active member of the Collective participating in at least 6 of our monthly meetings, or events

If you are here to pay your dues for 2024, or to make a donation, please click "Dues/Donation" in menu.
If you don't have a PayPal account, click "Use credit or debit card" when you get to the PP page.

Ethan Allen-The Collective.jpg

And please visit our "Piece by Piece" and "Word" exhibits at the Westport Library now through September 3.


Who are we, and why is everyone talking about us? Please watch this 3 minute video to find out.


Some of our loyal members who help to hang the exhibits in the barn at the Westport Playhouse,
which has been generously hosting the Collective since 2018. Left to right: Linn Cassetta,
Miggs Burroughs (founder), Tammy Winser (founder), Katherine Ross, Nina Bentley (founder), Michael Brennecke, Susan Fehlinger and Dale Najarian

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