The Artists Collective of Westport is a vibrant group of 150 creative individuals who have joined forces to discuss, create,
and develop dynamic experiences for the Fairfield County community. The Collective is open to all active artists in pursuit of expanding their careers and in developing a strong, diverse arts community. In the Barn at the Westport Country Playhouse The Collective brings together various creative practices in unique monthly forums, in order to plan and stage public events, pop-up exhibitions, and stimulating experiences. We also tutor, volunteer, and curate various other art related activites and events.

The application period has expired for now. Due to Covid we have not been able to meet as a group or review
the last group of applications together, so new applications have been postponed. Thanks for your patience.

Members must be a working artist with a website, live in Fairfield County, CT or its vicinity,
and agree to be an active member of the Collective participating in at least 4 of our meetings or events.

If you are here to pay your dues for 2020, or to make a donation, please click "Dues/Donation" in menu.
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2020 Meeting Schedule
All meetings on Monday

January 8 - Holiday party

February 3

March 2

All meetings in the barn
cancelled until further notice.
We will be back, but for now
lookout for virtual Collective,
events, Zoom parties and


2020 Popup Show Dates

March 9-15
June 1 - 7

For each exhibit
MONDAY: delivery day
TUESDAY: Installation day
WEDNESDAY: Exhibit opens
from 6 to 8pm
SUNDAY: Show ends
with artists talks at 3pm

Artists pickup work after talks

  The Westport Artists Collective is proud to announce that it has been chosen
  to receive funding from the Drew Friedman Community Arts Center, Inc. In
  addition to being a property owner, developer, visionary, teacher, and lover of
  the arts in Westport, until his death on February 27, 2016, Drew owned
  several iconic restaurants in the area including Onion Alley, Cobbs Mill Inn,
  and the Stonehenge Inn. Drew’s first wife Bobbie was an
accomplished artist

who died in 2011, furthering Drew’s commitment to supporting the arts in the town that supported Bobbie. As administered by Drew’s business partner, Nick Visconti, the foundation will also give out scholarship to students with financial need, and will support art programs that are run by a few local non-profits every year, including WAC.
Thanks Drew!
Click here to learn more about art scholarships or to contact the DFCAC.

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